Swedish Massage

What is the Swedish Massage?

The Swedish massage was developed by a man named Pehr Henrik Ling, a gymnastics instructor and an esteemed physiologist. From its origins his system was said to have been adapted from other massage techniques used in civilizations from Greese and Rome in antiquity. The original name for this type of massage was called Medical Gymnastics, but it soon branched out into the more overaching name we know it as today.

The Swedish massage uses subtle kneading and tapping strokes around the entire body of the receiver as he or she typically sits in a massage chair, typically from a massage therapist. There are five essential strokes that go into Swedish practices. Effleurage: Simple stroking of the flesh, ligaments or joints. Tapotement: Similar to chopping against these areas. Petrissage: Muscles are grabbed in a gentle manner and lifted up by hand. Friction: The thumbs are used here to work against thicker or deeper layers of muscles and ligaments. Vibration: The fingers are firmly pushed into a muscle, then the hands are used to rapidly move in all directions, creating a soothing vibration effect.

How the Swedish Massage Feels

Swedish massage is very delicate, and great for beginners. It is a soothing experience, and every maneuver that a therapist performs on a client is designed to be gentle but firm. This provides a nice contrast with the Thai massage, which can be a bit rougher, but still feel good. The intention for a professional delivering a Swedish variant is to allow the client a chance to relax while working through their problem areas.

Swedish Massage Benefits

Swedish massage it’s said to give relief to aching joints and muscles that are under a lot of tension. It assists individuals in their recovery time from sustaining injuries. It is also a form of pain management from ailments related to injury, or other extenuating conditions.

If a person has bad circulation, it is also designed to help restore a lot of that in targeted areas. Massage therapy has some benefits that reach across all forms of massages, and so the effectiveness of it depends upon how qualified the person is who is delivering the messaging techniques.

Swedish Massage Precautions

It should never be so rough that it starts to hurt. No massages should be outright painful. If a person knows what they are doing, every portion of the massage should be pleasurable and beneficial to the client.

Be wary of anyone who performs these five maneuvers in an advertised Swedish massage and makes areas in your body start to feel sore. They are either not doing things right, or they are doing things with too much fervency. All therapists should be gentle and accommodating, but just firm enough for their motions to count.

Swedish Massage Tips and Pointers

The biggest point of advise as a giver is to just try and relax. Let your body essentially collapse into the chair, mat or table. In order to have a full experience, you should trust the masseuse or masseur to be able to handle everything. Make a note not to keep your muscles, ligaments or joints tensed up during this procedure, as it can make it more difficult for the therapist to work them out. You should also communicate if you feel any sort of discomfort, and especially pain. These are considered red alarms that the massage is not being performed correctly.

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