Massage Chair

What is a Massage Chair?

A massage chair is a platform designed to allow a person to either receive a massage from a qualified masseuse (masseur), or to receive a treatment similar to a rough massage in their homes. Generally, these types of devices are much more simple and easy to manipulate than tables or mats. As such, it allows for more convenient procedures, such as the Thai massage or the popular Swedish massage.

There are two separate types, and the details of which are outlined in the two areas below. Which one is chosen depends on what kind of massage the user wishes to receive, whether a professional one or a sort of self-applied rubdown with assistance from the massage therapy chair.

Massage Chair Types

Massage Chair

Massage Chair

Traditional massage chairs are designed ergonomically and enable a person to position themselves for a massage in either way they prefer. This flexibility is similar to what is offered from a massage table, which is essentially just a tabletop with padding on it and sometimes other supportive features. Some massage chair models are stationary, while others can be made portable.

The ones massage therapists use when defined to a single location tend to be mounted down to ensure that they are secure, but if the therapist does massages in multiple areas, theirs will obviously be a portable variant. There is not much more to these devices than its intended purpose.

Robotic Massage Chair
Unlike traditional one, this contains internal mechanisms that are controlled electronically, such as gears or a motor that vibrate and motion appendage-like attachments out to apply pressure to areas of the receiver. The location and intensity can be adjusted with an attached controller mechanism.

Massaging Chair

Massaging Chair

Unlike going to a massage parlor, these allow a person to receive a pseudo-massage from the comfort of their own homes. There are many brands, and they generally resemble reclining chairs. These are not as thorough in their benefits as receiving massage therapy would be, since there is no precision or pressure adjustments made to areas on the body. They do work sore muscles over though, and deliver comfort to many without them having to pay too much money.

Chair Massage Benefits

Because the client does not have to remove their clothes when laying on a massage chair, a certified person can deliver one more efficiently. Furthermore, when buying portables types, they are not confined to a certain area.

There are many more options than with traditional mats, tables, and stationary chairs – like in an office setting, outside, or anywhere that the professional is willing to go to give the massage.

How to Choose a Massage Chair to Purchase

You need to choose a massage therapy chair that is both spacious and with enough maneuverability that it can easily contort to how you prefer it. This only applies to robotic (automated) massage-delivering chairs though. You likely cannot control which chair that a professional therapist will have in his or her workspace.

When it comes to robotic models, you want a full-featured device that can access multiple areas on the body, so that all of your ailments can be covered and worked through. Vibrations help, and some massage chair models are heated, which can sooth pain and other discomforts in the muscles and joints even better.

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